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About Us Committees


Chair: David Brennan

The finance committee is responsible for preparing a draft budget for the next Federation year for presentation to the PSSP Executive. The committee also advises the PSSP Executive on financial matters and reviews the detailed authorized expenditures of the spending authorities of the Bargaining Unit.


Chairs: Lino DeMederios & David Brennan

This committee is responsible for proposing amendments to the PSSP Constitution and report to the PSSP Executive. They will provide advice and assistance to the Executive, including matters related to constitution, bylaw and policy amendments upon request and collaborate with the Secretary to furnish an up-to-date Constitution to the President following any amendments.

Collective Bargaining Committee 

Chair: Daniela Melo

The Collective Bargaining Committee is limited to a maximum of 16Members, including, where possible, a member representative from each job classification, one casual employee, the Chief Negotiator, and a liaison from the Executive to be appointed by the President. 

As defined by the Constitution, the Collective Bargaining Committee will:

  1. Read and consider reports from the provincial OSSTF Collective Bargaining Committee and implement any directives.
  2. Ascertain the negotiating priorities of the PSSP membership through the development, distribution and debriefing of a membership survey and collate and summarize the results of the membership survey.
  3. Provide recommendations to the PSSP Executive regarding negotiating priorities based on the results of the membership survey; 
  4. Review a conceptual brief prepared by the Negotiations Team for presentation to the PSSP Executive not later than sixty days prior to the expiration of the current Collective Agreement. 
  5. At the request of the Negotiation Team, review and make suggestions to the opening brief to be presented to the Board. 
  6. At the request of the PSSP Executive, aid the Executive in disseminating information to the membership and provide information to Members.
  7. Provide information to the Membership and Executive about trends arising from the Membership
  8. At the request of the Negotiations Team, provide advice throughout the bargaining process. 

Status of Women

Chair: Sheila Loughrey-O’Brien

The Status of Women Committee provides an opportunity for open discussions of women’s issues. In addition, they host many exciting workshops and events that advocate for equality and women’s initiatives.

Communications and Political Action

Chair: Richardo Harvey

This Committee is responsible for promoting the dissemination of information within and between PSSP Toronto members, Provincial OSSTF members, and the wider community; in addition, they will advise the PSSP Executive on matters pertaining to political action aimed at serving the interests of the membership at all levels of government.

Member Engagement


The Member Engagement Committee advises the PSSP executive on ways to engage members in participating in union activities.

Human Rights


The Human Rights Committee advises the PSSP Executive on human rights policies and practices, takes initiatives in equity and human rights, and provides a forum for members to engage with community groups already active in human rights work internationally and locally.

Black Workers’ Committee 

Chair: Paulina Monlouis

This Committee provides a space where issues of concern to Black Workers can be raised and discussed. The Committee also determines an annual set of goals that reflect issues of concern to Black Workers and that advance PSSP Toronto and public education. Finally, the Committee makes recommendations on how to incorporate anti-racism and decolonization into our union and how better to address the concerns of Black workers over the long term and report to the PSSP Executive as requested.

Labour Management Advisory Committee

Chair: Solange Scott

This committee is responsible for becoming familiar with the Collective Agreement and its provisions. They monitor workplace-related concerns and bring them forward to the advisory Committee or President and act in an advisory capacity to the Labour Management Committee.

Health and Safety Committee 

Chair: Keisha Martin

This committee is responsible for becoming familiar with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its provisions. They monitor workplace-related health and safety concerns and forward them to the Health and Safety Officers. They also act in an advisory capacity to the PSSP Executive by making recommendations relating to health and safety issues to the Executive and ensure adherence to the Provincial Constitution regarding health and safety matters.

Education Services Committee

Chair: Daniela Melo

For Additional Information on any committee, please contact the committee chair(s).