1 in 5 students require additional education supports that cannot be provided by their regular classroom teacher.

Our PSSP bargaining unit is part of District 12 (Toronto), the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF/FEESO).
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Important Info for Members

Not receiving our emails on your personal email address? Contact pssp@d12.osstf.ca with your contact info. 

Have a question about your position, sick days, miscellaneous leave, or your pay?  Contact us and/or go onto the TDSB website: Employee Services/Forms/Support Staff/Unit A.  You'll find charts with loads of info about your sick day and benefit allotments for permanent employees and a separate chart for contract and casual staff.

Don't have an EdVantage Card from OSSTF for discounts? Contact 416-751-3394

All PSSP members work a 7 hour day (35 hours per week) that includes a 30 minute   break. Since we work "seven hours of duty" daily, we are responsible to be available to our worksites during the 30 minute break.  All members should schedule their 7 hours in consultation with their Chief or Principal or Supervisor each year or semester.  The most frequent schedule is 8:30 - 3:30.  If you take additional breaks,  then add that to the 7 hours.

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