High School Teachers Ratify Deal

Monday, September, 21st, 2015 by Nancy Vogel

OSSTF teachers and OTs ratified a central table deal with the government at a vote held last week.   They now will continue to attempt to reach local settlements with their various school boards around the province.   The central deal will only be attached to the local settlement, once both are  completed.   The […]

CUPE & ETFO Work to Rule

Saturday, September, 5th, 2015 by Nancy Vogel

On September 8 when students return to school, we anticipate there may be some work to rule action from CUPE members and the Elementary Teachers. PSSP is not engaged in any work to rule action.  We are currently in both central and local negotiations and we are hopeful for a settlement in the coming weeks. […]

Labour Day Parade & CNE

Tuesday, August, 25th, 2015 by Nancy Vogel

Click on the link below to join OSSTF District members as well as other union affiliates in the annual Labour Day Parade.  District 12 members (PSSP, Teachers, OTs) meet in front of the Opera House on Queen St at University at 9 am – 9:20 to receive their CNE wristbands for the day.  The march […]

AGM – Election: June 18

Wednesday, July, 15th, 2015 by Nancy Vogel

AGM: Election and Meeting  July 15, 2015:   All those running for PSSP positions were acclaimed. Your Executive members for 2015 – 2017 are as follows: President                                 Olga De Melo VP/Chief Negotiator              Nancy Vogel […]

Retirement Planning Guide

Tuesday, June, 2nd, 2015 by Nancy Vogel

The TDSB has created a Retirement Planning Guide & Roadmap that brings together the key issues and points of consideration when a member begins to think of retirement.  This guide provides TDSB staff with important dates and information on what actions need to be taken as well as offers answers to many questions and concerns […]

Sick Leave Plan for 2013 – 2014

Tuesday, December, 10th, 2013 by Nancy Vogel

Reposted on December 10, 2013: Permanent PSSP Members:  As of September 3, 2013, all PSSP permanent members will receive 11 sick days* at 100% pay and 120 days of Short Term Disability Leave Plan (STLDP) days at 90%, which flow directly once the first 11 days are used.  These days do not accumulate year-to-year.  The […]

Early Retirement Incentive Plan – Teachers Only

Tuesday, November, 19th, 2013 by Nancy Vogel

On Nov 18, 2013 an early retirement incentive plan (EIRP) was posted on Direct Line for all Elementary and Secondary Teachers.  It is a $5,000 bonus that will be added to their retirement gratuity if they retire between Nov 2013 – Jan 30, 2014 (last day of semester 1 for secondary teachers and Jan 31st […]

OSSTF Sick Leave Plan Booklet

Friday, November, 15th, 2013 by Nancy Vogel

Nov 15:  OSSTF has released a manual about the Sick Leave Plan for you to download. Since it applies to everyone in the province who is an OSSTF member, it can be confusing to PSSP members.  Please have a look  but also refer to the post that we created for TDSB PSSP members titled: Sick […]

Voluntary Unpaid Leave of Absence Program (VLAP)*

Monday, September, 16th, 2013 by koadmin

This is a voluntary program available to all PSSP members.   You may take up to 5 unpaid days this school year only as per the conditions listed on the VLAP form*. Please click on form: PSSP VLAP form The purpose of this plan, which was included in the MOU, is to allow savings for school boards […]

Retirement Gratuity (RG) Calculation Info

Wednesday, June, 19th, 2013 by Nancy Vogel

June 19:  TDSB Q & A re: RG   This document was created by the Bd to assist you when you look at your calculation information provided in the letters sent to each PSSP member.      Gratuity Q & A for Unit A, PSSP-OSSTF June 4: The following document was created by the Bargaining […]