Election Manual

Wednesday, November, 28th, 2018 by Michelle Pagniello

Elections Manual




  1. Nomination for PSSP Executive positions
  2. Notice of election and nomination forms for PSSP Executive shall be distributed by the Electoral Officer.
  3. Those interested in running for a PSSP Executive position shall fill out a nomination form distributed by the Electoral Officer.
  4. Nominations must be completed on the provided nomination form and must be received at the PSSP office by noon 30 days prior to the election date.
  5. Notice of election and nomination forms for positions elected at the Annual General Meeting shall be distributed by the Electoral Officer.
  6. Nominations must be completed on the provided Nominations Form and to be considered on-time must be received at the PSSP office by noon on the Friday prior to the AGM.
  7. After the nomination window has closed, the Electoral Officer shall, where more than one nomination has been received, send an email to the President announcing the complete list of candidates. Where only one nomination has been received, send an email to the President recommending acclamation of the successful candidate.
  8. Where no nominations have been received, the Electoral Officer will send an email to the President


  1. Campaign


  1. All members involved in campaigns will run positive campaigns. Negative campaigning is discouraged so to avoid member to member conflict. Members found to have engaged in negative campaigning may be subject to OSSTF Provincial Judicial Council Procedures.
  2. Campaigning, including the distribution of campaign materials, may mot begin until nomination has been confirmed by email from the Electoral Officer.
  3. No member involved in campaigns may campaign during normal work hours. For clarity, members are permitted to campaign before the commencement of the first class of the day, during the member’s lunch period, and after the conclusion of classes for the day.



  1. Election Materials


  1. The PSSP office, will email one page of election material for each candidate if the material is on time (at least 30 days prior to the election date)


  1. Speeches


  1. The Electoral Officer shall inform the membership of the election procedure at the AGM
  2. Each candidate, in alphabetical order, will be given an opportunity to present a speech to members at the AGM
  3. Length of speeches, 2 time release candidates speeches will be no longer than 3 minutes and 2 minutes for all other positions in order of elections. A 30 second warning shall be given and microphone will be turned off after the time is up.
  4. Voting


  1. Voting shall take place immediately following speeches
  2. Only eligible voters and those designated to assist in the election procedure shall be present on the floor during balloting
  3. During the voting the outside doors shall be tiled.
  4. The Electoral Officer or designates shall distribute a ballot to each eligible voting member. Members must be seated to receive a ballot.
  5. The Electoral Officer or designates shall bring ballot boxes to the membership. Completed ballot boxes shall be returned to a designated ballot box area. All unused ballots shall be returned to the Electoral Officer.
  6. The Electoral Officer shall be given the opportunity to vote.
  7. The ballot must clearly indicate the nominee of choice. Spoiled votes shall not be used in the calculation of the total votes cast.
  8. Candidates may appoint one scrutineer to oversee the counting of the ballots.
  9. A majority is required to declare the winning candidate (50+1)
  10. In the case where none of the candidates receive a majority vote, the following procedure be followed:
  11. The candidate receiving the fewest number of votes shall be dropped from the succeeding ballots until a majority is reached by one of the candidates.
  12. In the event that two candidates receiving the fewest votes received the same number of votes, the candidates would be dropped from succeeding ballots only if there were two remaining candidates on the succeeding ballots. The candidates would remain on the succeeding ballot if only one candidate were to remain if they were dropped from the ballot.
  13. In the event that there are three remaining candidates and the two candidates receiving the fewest number of votes remain tied after two successive ballots, the Electoral Officer will break the tie by lot.
  14. Results of each contested election and name of the successful candidate shall be announced to the membership.
  15. Immediately following the resolution of any questioning of the results or election procedure, a motion to destroy ballots shall take place.






  1. Appointment of Electoral Officer


  1. A call out will be sent in the fall to the membership asking for members in good standing to submit their names for the position of Electoral Officer.
  2. The list of Electoral Officer Candidates will be brought forward to the sitting Executive at the next Executive meeting.
  3. The sitting Executive will appoint someone on the list by November.
  4. The successful candidate will be informed by the President by the end of December.
  5. The Electoral Officer shall be a member of PSSP and in good standing. They shall not be an Executive member, members running for an Executive position, or on any campaign team.

October 2018 Executive Meeting

Wednesday, November, 28th, 2018 by Michelle Pagniello

October 23, 2018

Executive Meeting


Present:              Olga DeMelo, Michelle Pagniello, Solange Scott, Kelly Green, Rob Gascho, Richardo Harvey, Peter Mallouh, Daniela Melo, Koryn Marshall, Nabiha Rattansi.

Regrets:            Lino Demedeiros, Sharon Grant.

  1. Adopt Agenda. Agenda Adopted.

BIRT the Executive adopt proposed agenda.

Moved:  Olga De Melo                          Seconded:  Michelle Pagniello


  1. The Anti-Harassment statement was read. Koryn Marshall will be the Anti-Harassment Officer for this meeting.
  2. The Land Acknowledgement was read by Kelly Green.
  3. Approve Minutes of September 18, 2018.
  4. Business Arising. Ad Hoc Committee to discuss Executive Duties was discussed. Another meeting will be scheduled to move forward.
  5. Provincial Report. Full report to be emailed to Executive members if requested.  Highlights included: Children’s Mental Health Conference “Innovations for Service Delivery” is coming up.  November 1 all Presidents of the Bargaining Units will be meeting to discuss ________.  This year’s Lobby Day will surround the promoting the value of public education (Public vs private) and fighting Neoliberalism (privatizing).  There are currently parent consultations on the Sex Ed Curriculum.  Surveys, town halls etc.  Go on the sites and complete the surveys.
  6. President’s Report. Member Mapping and Mobilization (map out where members live) was discussed.  Solange and Daniela to participate.  September AGM was discussed and reviewed.  Upcoming Town Hall was discussed.  Labour Management:  Discussion about Itinerant Staff being moved to and from work sites by managers.  Bargaining Unit needs to be clear, transparent in a model to be used across the TDSB.  Senior Managers and PSSP to form a committee to put together a draft and bring it forward for the sake of consistency. .Cannabis on the work site was discussed.
  7. Vice President’s Report. Retreat in Niagara Falls on November 9-10 was discussed.  Committees have been formed.  Pick dates for meetings and let Olga or Michelle know.  Bargaining has begun.  A brochure for new hires/members was discussed.  An Electoral Officer needs to be selected.  Executive to go into Executive Session to discuss candidates and vote accordingly.  Moved by Solange and Seconded by Koryn.  Rise from Executive Session.  Moved by Olga and Seconded by Daniela.  The successful candidate for this position is Patrick Frackowiak.  Olga will contact Patrick in a timely manner
  8. New Business. The Treasurer’s Report was discussed.
  9. Motion to Adjourn. Moved:    Seconded:  Daniela.  CARRIED @ 8:10 p.m..