June 2018 Executive Minutes

Wednesday, October, 24th, 2018 by Michelle Pagniello


June 19, 2018

Present:  Olga De Melo, Michelle Pagniello, Kelly Green, Solange Scott, Koryn Marshall, Peter Mallouh, Laura Mahoney, Daniela Melo, Lino DeMedeiros, Randy Banderob, Karen Littlewood.


Regrets:  Richardo Harvey, Sharon Grant.


The Anti-Harassment statement was read.  Lino DeMedeiros will be the Anti-Harassment Officer for this meeting.


The Land Acknowledgement was read.


  1. Adopt Agenda. Agenda Adopted.

BIRT the Executive adopt proposed agenda.

Moved:   Laura Mahoney.             Seconded:  Solange Scott



  1. Approve Minutes. Minutes of May 17, 2018 corrected and approved by the Executive.
  2. Business Arising.
  3. Provincial Office Report. Karen Littlewood will email info contained in the latest Provincial Report..  She touched on recent Provincial election results.  The new Provincial Government Cabinet will be announced on June 29, 2018.  She encouraged all PSSP members to check on pay increases for upcoming increase dates to make sure that they actually happen.  She congratulated all the successful candidates that have been selected for Provincial Committees and encouraged other members who were not selected to keep applying for future committees.  She also announced that neither she nor Randy have been assigned to our local for next year.  Rob Gascho, Vice-President, will be attending our Executive meetings effective next school year.  She thanks us for including her in so many meetings and events.  She also wished us luck and strength in our future endeavors.



  1. President’s Report: Olga announced that there will be job postings out shortly for 14 SW, 2 OT/PT, 4 Speech and  8 CYC    This will increase our membership by 35/36 members.  Olga will be meeting with Andrew Gold (Associate Superintendent) later this week.  Grievances have increased to 16 currently.  This is spreading Olga and Michelle very thinly on day to day follow-ups and regular business.  It was discussed that perhaps a motion could be made at the next AGM to increase staff on the executive.  Some of the suggestions discussed were ½ time as time release ($ for $) vs. flat rate.  Either choice would be expensive. This doesn’t have to be a permanent position.  Olga would like for it to be looked into and reported on at our next meeting.  We, as a bargaining unit, have grown but the time release has remained the same.  Olga announced that she will be part of the Provincial Bargaining  Committee.  They are looking for more involvement from membership.  Michelle will be a part of the Provincial Finance Committee.  Solange and Richardo will be members of the Provincial Equity Mentorship Program. Disciplines have also increased, CYW’s are reminded to check postings throughout the summer.
  2. Vice President’s Report: Michelle announced that the AGM/GM has been set for September 25, 2018 at the Latvian Centre. Information will be sent out to the membership.  The Leadership Conference will be held August 16-18 at The Royal York Hotel.  Michelle, Solange, Richardo, Lino, Daniela and Koryn are interested in participating.  Jason Westmaas will be in over the summer to set up the new IT.  SIP Staffing will be done this week.
  3. Committee Reports: Executive members were reminded that the committee assignments are for the full 2 year term.    Flyers for Labour Day and Pregnancy Workshops will be sent out over the summer.
  4. New Business:
  • Solange announced that Jill Andrew, PSSP Member,. Won her riding in the Provincial Election.
  • A motion to strike an ad hoc committee to investigate the possibility of additional time-release with a report to September AGM. Moved:    Seconded: Koryn.  Carried.  The Committee will be composed of Koryn, Daniela, Richardo and Lino.
  • Koryn posed a question with regards to non-executive members being able to attend regular Executive Meetings. It was felt that they should contact Olga to discuss the possibility.  They can be present to put forth an “issue” or concern to the Executive.
  • Michelle and Olga thanked the Executive for the great year and wished all a great summer!!
  1. Motion to Adjourn: Moved by Michelle and Seconded by Solange. Carried. Meeting Adjourned at 6:00 p.m.