December Executive Minutes

Wednesday, May, 23rd, 2018 by Site Admin


December 19, 2017

Present: Olga DeMelo, Michelle Pagniello, Kelly Green, Solange Scott, Peter Mallouh, Laura Mahoney, Daniela Melo, Lino DeMedeiros, Koryn Marshall, Randy Banderob.
Regrets: Richardo Harvey, Karen Littlewood.
• The Anti-Harassment Statement was read. Lino DeMedeiros is the Anti-Harassment Officer for this meeting.
• The Aboriginal Creed was read.
Adopt Agenda. BIRT that the Executive adopt the proposed agenda. Mover: Olga. Seconded: Daniela. CARRIED.
Approve Minutes. Corrections made and minutes approved from the November Executive Meeting.
Business Arising. None.
President’s Report.
Case involving a PSSP member has come to a close and the charges that were alleged against said member have been dropped .This member has moved from Unpaid to Paid leave pending TDSB investigation. All issues with regards to “Duty to Accommodate” our members (7 in all) have been resolved after a meeting with the Disability Manager. These members have been on “unpaid leave”. There are still 4 members at home pending investigation. These members are currently on Paid leave. The President of CUPE has asked to form a “task group” with the Presidents of ETFO, CUPE, OSSTF, PSSP to address the increased level of violence in schools. It was noted that the level of violence has increased. There will be a meeting with Special Education in the new year (Uton Robinson, Lori Moore and Christine Gaitens)regarding 4 new positions for PSSP members. Executive Superintendent Pat Rocco (2nd from the top with TDSB) has been charged and therefore will be off pending investigation. This position has not been replaced but there has been a “shift” in current TDSB Superintendents. Further information on this “situation” and who is being shifted etc. will come when available.

Vice-President’s Report.
AMPA. Please complete registration when open on the OSSTF website. Michelle will be the “Whip” (Keeper of badges) for this year’s AMPA. The open spot for PSSP representation has been filled.
Any questions with regards to AMPA can be directed to either Olga or Michelle. The NOVA (pre-AMPA) will be held at the beginning of March.
Treasurer’s Report.
Finance report will be deferred to the next meeting.
Health & Safety Report.
Solange reported that there has been 500 Violent Incident Reports (VIR) involving TDSB staff as of November. 80 of these have involved PSSP members. 3 members in LC2 and 3 have been supplied with “personal protective gear”. There has been one incident which involved a member having his/her collar bone broken. There will be a Ministry visit some time in 2018. Each bargaining unit will be represented by one member/representative. Olga will check to find out why the bargaining unit president and vice-president are not being invited to attend the Ministry meeting/visit. Members are being encouraged to take pictures of injuries to back up what is happening and subsequent injuries. Sharon had no report at this time.

Committee Meetings.
Daniela will forward information with regards to her committee involvement.
Eco Committee: Peter attended an Eco meeting on December 12. The primary focus on the meeting was around “food waste”. The next meeting of this committee will be held in January.
Gala Committee: Lino reported that they were seeking a post-secondary school to host and/or cater the event for this year. Thus far, Humber College has responded
PD Committee: Lino also reported that this year’s PD session will be done in conjunction with Christine Gaitens on February 16, 2018. Lino to follow up with her regarding venue and the possibility of enlisting/hiring students from the Culinary Program at Central Etobicoke.
Adjourn Meeting was adjourned at 5:47 p.m. Meeting was followed by a holiday dinner. Olga extended thanks on behalf of herself and Michelle for a successful 2017 and wished everyone the very best for a healthy, happy and safe holiday and new year.