March 2018 Executive Minutes

Wednesday, May, 23rd, 2018 by Michelle Pagniello


MARCH 20, 2018



Present:  Olga De Melo, Michelle Pagniello, Kelly Green, Solange Scott, Koryn Marshall, Randy Banderob, Peter Mallouh, Richardo Harvey, Sharon Grant, Daniela Melo.


Regrets:  Laura Mahoney, Lino DeMedeiros, Karen Littlewood.


The Anti-Harassment statement was read.  Richardo Harvey will be the Anti-Harassment Officer for this meeting.


The Land Acknowledgement was read.


  1. Adopt Agenda. Agenda Adopted.

BIRT the Executive adopt proposed agenda.

Moved:  Olga De Melo                 Seconded:  Michelle Pagniello



  1. Approve Minutes. Minutes of December 19, 2017 corrected and approved by the Executive.


  1. Business Arising. None


  1. Provincial Office Report. Randy reported that AMPA had been successful again but there were not a lot of motions passed.  He also reported that with ESO, CBC, H & S and the Research Ed conferences, it is a very busy time of the year.  There are potentially some “extra spaces” for the Research Ed conference.  If interested, please email Olga ASAP.


  1. President’s Report. AGM:  Olga reminded all Executive members in attendance that our AGM will be held at the Latvian Centre on April 24, 2018.  Dinner will be served at 4:45p.m.  All information must be submitted 30 days prior according to constitution.  AMPA:  Executive had a fun time at AMPA.  New jackets for Executive members were a hit.  H & S Conference:  Solange and Sharon both to attend.  Sharon is on the Committee.  Grievances:  Members on sick leave are having to use up sick days when in actuality they are ready to return to work.  Olga to attend meeting with board next week.  There is the potential for 5 grievances to be on the go by April 24.

received to date. 

  1. Vice President’s Report: Gala Committee:  There have been 12 nominations for awards Bargaining:  Surveys will be sent out to all members in the near future to determine wants/needs for the next round of bargaining.  The process is just starting.  AGM:  A paragraph/report from each committee (PSSP & OSSTF) needs to be submitted 2 weeks prior to the AGM.


  1. Procedural Motions: Three pages of motions were handed out and discussed.  It was noted that the Constitution does not have to explain every little detail.  Randy noted that in order to avoid heated conversations and/or debates, we need to remember that the constitution is a living document that is usually changed as needed.  It was also noted that motions and amendments can also come from the floor at the AGM .  Updates and changes will be available at the AGM once Peggy has a chance to fine tune the wording.  Changes were Endorsed and carried by the Executive Members in attendance.


  1. Treasurers Report. Richardo presented the Treasurers Report that will be presented at the AGM.  The following changes were made to the projected 2018-2019 column:  PSSP Committees & Conferences # 5390 changed to read 7500.  Bargaining Unit Office Expenses #5531 Building Operations to read 14000.  #5730 Office Insurance to read 1500.Koryn requested a description by line (ledger) to clarify.  Richardo agreed to take back to finance committee.  It was mentioned that a Benevolent Fund is available via Provincial Office.  There is also a PSSP D12 Emergency Fund available through line #5760 (donations gifts Presentations).  BIRT that the Executive endorse with amended changes.  CARRIED.


  1. Committee Reports. Health and Safety:  Sharon shared the January and February 2018 Health and Safety Reports.  Highlights included: Requirement for Noise Regulation to a maximum of 85dB over an 8 hr shift.  Testing is approximately $800 per test.  Naloxone Kits to be installed in every secondary school.  Training for 2 per school with costs not out of school budget.  By end of 2018 school year the Provincial Working Group will have a guideline regarding workplace violence.  Complete report is available from Sharon or Kelly (secretary)..


  1. New Business.
  • It was discussed that executive officers are having co-workers asking questions about union related issues. It has been recommended that these persons be directed to speak with Olga.  If it’s a minor issue that you feel comfortable with, you can help and or advise.  More complicated situations can always be directed to Provincial Office (Randy).  Olga noted that in past years it was possible for the president and Vice President to attend smaller meetings.  The TDSB is now HUGE and therefore, it is difficult to attend department and other staff meetings and attend to the other business that has increased over the years.
  • Daniela brought up “member engagement” as a concern.  She shared a concern about “behavior” outside of our union confines was being represented poorly.  It was proposed that we go into Executive Session.  Proposed by Daniela and seconded by Richardo and Solange.    Out of Executive Session was proposed by Olga and Seconded by Daniela.  CARRIED.
  • Sharon requested a new power cord for the Health and Safety laptop that she has been using. She will purchase the cord and submit receipt for reimbursement.
  • Gala: Koryn shared that the tentative dates that are being considered are May 9 or 10.  There has not been a location selected.  Michelle offered to look into the Latvian Centre.  TDSB media will be covering this event.  The next meeting will be March 26.


Meeting adjourned:  8:00 p.m.


2018 Provincial Election

Wednesday, May, 23rd, 2018 by Michelle Pagniello

Strange times in Ontario provincial politics

Every Ontario political pundit must have a headache from the continuous head-shaking going on at the recent state of Ontario politics.

It was hard enough to fathom how a political party could implode so completely, so close to an election as did the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.

Add to that the whiplash turnaround election of a leader who is a well-known extreme right wing populist who has subsequently moved the PC’s from what was widely, although erroneously, lauded as a “progressive” Conservative platform to one that, where we know anything about it, is entirely cuts-oriented, and a Trump-like approach to campaigning, it’s no wonder many of us are left wondering what’s next for Ontario generally, and for us, publicly funded education in particular.

Why should you care? – Cuts will hurt

Here’s what we do know: Mr. Ford has promised to find “efficiencies”.

We know that means: cuts.

Reports indicate that Ford will need to find $6 billion in “efficiencies” if he’s to replace the revenue that will be lost without the carbon tax.  (Toronto Star, March 14, 2018)

Last Provincial election, Mr. Hudak was soundly rejected on the premise that he would fire 100,000 public sector workers in order to save $2 billion.

Economist Jim Stanford predicts that Ford will need to find $25 billion in spending cuts over his first four years, which will lead to a loss of 70,000. (Globe and Mail, March 19, 2018)

He wants to change the Sex Ed curriculum, taking out the ‘controversial bits’.  Ford ,the same man who said “Absolutely Donald Trump respects women”, wants to determine how to teach about safe relationships and consent.

Then there’s his IOU to the social conservatives who once before argued for extended funding for private religious school. This could lead to a voucher system where tax dollars are allowed to follow the student to a private school of their choosing, redirecting precious public money, and jobs away from our schools.

Ontario’s educators have seen this movie before.  In fact, we’ve starred in it.  Even without the changes to Sex Ed or the possibility of a Voucher System, we know that when a government looks to cut large amounts from its budget, it ends badly for teachers, education workers, students and schools.

With one or two simple changes to funding and regulations teachers could be back to teaching 7 out of 8 and required to provide coverage and supervision; OT’s could find that their work is diminished as a result and support staff could see their numbers reduced and/or the reintroduction of partnerships with community organizations whose lower paid employees take over.

Collective action is political action

The job of the OSSTF Toronto Executive is to advocate for and protect our Members and publicly funded education.

We can think of no greater threat to public education than a Ford-led Tory government, and no time where the collective action of the OSSTF Membership might have a greater impact on the protection of our students and our schools.

Changes to election financing means the union cannot advocate by donation.  It is going to be up to each of us to get involved if we are to have any chance of warding off a Ford majority.

OSSTF Toronto election strategy

This strategy is decisively surgical in nature, using the best information to achieve our big picture goal: thwart the Tories.  It was developed and agreed upon in conjunction with provincial OSSTF, all Bargaining Units in this District and with the inclusion of Chapter 12, ARM (Active Retired members).


OSSTF Toronto endorsed candidates to date are:

NDP Candidates Liberal Candidates
Beaches-East york Rima Berns-McGown Don Valley East Michael Coteau
Davenport Marit Stiles Don Valley North Shelley Carroll
Etobicoke North Mahamud Amin Etobicoke Centre Yvan Baker
Humber River-Black Creek Tom Rakocevic Etobicoke Lakeshore Peter Milczyn
Parkdale-High Park Bhutila Karpoche Scarborough Guildwood Mitzie Hunter
Scarborough Southwest Doly Begum Scarborough North Chin Lee
Spadina-Fort York Chris Glover Willowdale David Zimmer
Toronto Centre Suze Morrison
Toronto-Danforth Peter Tabuns
University -Rosedale Jessica Bell


Should we add to the list, we will send out that information.

OSSTF Toronto-sponsored meet the candidate events

OSSTF Toronto is hosting OSSTF members-only opportunities to meet OSSTF endorsed candidates in Toronto.  Snacks, beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided.  Receiptable expenses incurred as a result of travel/parking and/or dependent care will be reimbursed in accordance with OSSTF Provincial rates of reimbursement.

If you live in one of the following ridings and would like to attend, as an OSSTF Member who lives in that riding you are welcome as a guest of OSSTF Toronto.  To RSVP, click the appropriate link below.

Unsure what riding you live in? Check out the Elections Ontario electoral districts map.

As we arrange for more of these events, information about how to register will be emailed to you.


Our #4hours4publicEd campaign is about you taking collective action with your OSSTF Toronto colleagues to protect publicly funded schools in Toronto.

We are asking each of you to give just four hours of your time.

There are 7000 teachers, OT’s and education support staff in OSSTF Toronto. Together we can give 28,000 hours of time to endorsed candidates across our City and help ward off a Ford government.

Soon you will receive an email with a link where you can sign up to work for one of our endorsed candidates.  We urge you to commit four hours now to help protect this province against what could be massive cuts in the near future.


  • An individual may contribute up to a maximum of $1222.oo/year.
  • An individual may contribute up to an additional maximum of $1222.00 during an election period.
  • There is a generous tax credit for donations! For details check out this web page.


On behalf of each of our Executives, we urge each of you to take this election and what it bodes for our working lives, and the learning lives of our students very seriously, and get involved.

Olga De Melo, President PSSP

Linda Bartram, President OTBU

Leslie Wolfe, President TBU & OSSTF Toronto

December Executive Minutes

Wednesday, May, 23rd, 2018 by Michelle Pagniello


December 19, 2017

Present: Olga DeMelo, Michelle Pagniello, Kelly Green, Solange Scott, Peter Mallouh, Laura Mahoney, Daniela Melo, Lino DeMedeiros, Koryn Marshall, Randy Banderob.
Regrets: Richardo Harvey, Karen Littlewood.
• The Anti-Harassment Statement was read. Lino DeMedeiros is the Anti-Harassment Officer for this meeting.
• The Aboriginal Creed was read.
Adopt Agenda. BIRT that the Executive adopt the proposed agenda. Mover: Olga. Seconded: Daniela. CARRIED.
Approve Minutes. Corrections made and minutes approved from the November Executive Meeting.
Business Arising. None.
President’s Report.
Case involving a PSSP member has come to a close and the charges that were alleged against said member have been dropped .This member has moved from Unpaid to Paid leave pending TDSB investigation. All issues with regards to “Duty to Accommodate” our members (7 in all) have been resolved after a meeting with the Disability Manager. These members have been on “unpaid leave”. There are still 4 members at home pending investigation. These members are currently on Paid leave. The President of CUPE has asked to form a “task group” with the Presidents of ETFO, CUPE, OSSTF, PSSP to address the increased level of violence in schools. It was noted that the level of violence has increased. There will be a meeting with Special Education in the new year (Uton Robinson, Lori Moore and Christine Gaitens)regarding 4 new positions for PSSP members. Executive Superintendent Pat Rocco (2nd from the top with TDSB) has been charged and therefore will be off pending investigation. This position has not been replaced but there has been a “shift” in current TDSB Superintendents. Further information on this “situation” and who is being shifted etc. will come when available.

Vice-President’s Report.
AMPA. Please complete registration when open on the OSSTF website. Michelle will be the “Whip” (Keeper of badges) for this year’s AMPA. The open spot for PSSP representation has been filled.
Any questions with regards to AMPA can be directed to either Olga or Michelle. The NOVA (pre-AMPA) will be held at the beginning of March.
Treasurer’s Report.
Finance report will be deferred to the next meeting.
Health & Safety Report.
Solange reported that there has been 500 Violent Incident Reports (VIR) involving TDSB staff as of November. 80 of these have involved PSSP members. 3 members in LC2 and 3 have been supplied with “personal protective gear”. There has been one incident which involved a member having his/her collar bone broken. There will be a Ministry visit some time in 2018. Each bargaining unit will be represented by one member/representative. Olga will check to find out why the bargaining unit president and vice-president are not being invited to attend the Ministry meeting/visit. Members are being encouraged to take pictures of injuries to back up what is happening and subsequent injuries. Sharon had no report at this time.

Committee Meetings.
Daniela will forward information with regards to her committee involvement.
Eco Committee: Peter attended an Eco meeting on December 12. The primary focus on the meeting was around “food waste”. The next meeting of this committee will be held in January.
Gala Committee: Lino reported that they were seeking a post-secondary school to host and/or cater the event for this year. Thus far, Humber College has responded
PD Committee: Lino also reported that this year’s PD session will be done in conjunction with Christine Gaitens on February 16, 2018. Lino to follow up with her regarding venue and the possibility of enlisting/hiring students from the Culinary Program at Central Etobicoke.
Adjourn Meeting was adjourned at 5:47 p.m. Meeting was followed by a holiday dinner. Olga extended thanks on behalf of herself and Michelle for a successful 2017 and wished everyone the very best for a healthy, happy and safe holiday and new year.