Camille Natale Awards 2018

Wednesday, January, 31st, 2018 by Michelle Pagniello

Camille Natale Awards 2018 – Human Rights/Political Action Committees

The annual Camille Natale Awards reflect OSSTF Toronto’s belief  in  the  power  of student action to make a difference for peace, social justice, equity and human rights locally and globally. The awards, given every year to students, are administered by both the District’s Political Action and Human Rights Committees. Awards are made to the two applications that most strongly meet the criteria. The deadline for nomination is April 3, 2018. Each award is valued at $250.00. Members can access the nomination materials and award criteria here



Chris Chandler

Executive Officer

OSSTF Toronto Teachers

OSSTF Coldest Days

Wednesday, January, 31st, 2018 by Michelle Pagniello

Please join OSST and help support the Yonge Street Mission on February 24, 2018.  Please view link below for more info.


Coldest days

Child & Family Services Act Changes

Thursday, January, 18th, 2018 by Michelle Pagniello

Please view link below to see changes to the Child & Family Services Act

086 – Child Family Services Act Changes

Controlled Act of Psychotherapy

Thursday, January, 18th, 2018 by Michelle Pagniello

Proclamation of Controlled Act of Psychotherapy. Please see link below for details.

087 – Controlled Act of Psychotherapy


Thursday, January, 18th, 2018 by Michelle Pagniello

Please review the latest addition to our OHIP Program. On January 1, 2018, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care introduced OHIP+. See see link below for details.

Memo – OHIP+

Womens March on Toronto 2018

Thursday, January, 18th, 2018 by Michelle Pagniello

Provincial Office has given us an invitation to join the Women’s March on Saturday January 20th, 2018.  If you are interested in attending please see link below.

082 – Womens March on Toronto 2018

Expanded parental leave, new caregiver benefit, to come into effect Dec. 3 | CTV News

Tuesday, January, 9th, 2018 by Michelle Pagniello

Here is a link for those of you interested on more information regarding the Expanded Parental Leave, New Caregiver Benefit.


November 2017 Executive Minutes

Tuesday, January, 9th, 2018 by Michelle Pagniello






November 29, 2017

Present:              Olga De Melo, Sharon Grant,  Michelle Pagniello,  Richardo Harvey,  Kelly Green, Solange Scott,  Peter Mallouh , Laura Mahoney, Daniela Melo, Randy Banderob, Lino DeMedeiros.

Regrets:              Koryn Marshall, Karen Littlewood

The Anti-Harassment statement was read after introductions.  Peter Mallouh is the Anti-Harassment Officer for this meeting.

The Aboriginal Creed was read by Olga.

  1. Adopt Agenda: Agenda Adopted

BIRT the Executive adopt the proposed agenda.

Mover:  Olga De Melo                   Seconded:  Michelle Pagniello



  1. Approve Minutes: Minutes approved from October Executive Meeting.
  2. Business Arising:
  3. Provincial Office Report: Karen Littlewood was unable to attend but sent Provincial Report.  Randy Banderob  highlighted information sent by Karen and shared some additional information with Executive Members:   PPM 161 was discussed briefly.  This is a Policy/Program Memorandum that is developed by the Ministry of Education in response to concerns expressed by parents and medical groups surrounding improving the safety of students with anaphylaxis, asthma, diabetes and epilepsy.  Boards will be required to provide students with the aforementioned medical conditions with a plan of care that is tailored to the individual needs of the student.  PPM 161 will be finalized in winter 2018, for implementation by September 2018. Since this is a non-bargaining year, OSSTF has put together a series of 3 videos for its membership to help to explain the bargaining process and help to educate its members.  The first video, “Your Voice Matters”, will be released in September 2018.  The second video, “Bargaining Matters”, will be released in November 2018.  The third video, “A Grievance Matters”, will be released in April 2019.   Randy shared information on the “Research Ed” Conference that will be held in Mississauga on Saturday April 14, 2018.  This will be facilitated by Tom Bennett.  The conference will be based on the science of empowering the ability to question what works and what doesn’t work in our schools.  The Executive was asked for potential presenters that have completed research based programming who may be interested in participating in this conference.  Nancy Marshall and Peter Lebuis were named as potential candidates.
  4. President’s Report: Olga attended the OFL Convention last week.  There was a rally at Queens Park as Bill 148 was passed. This Bill is also known as the “Minimum Wage Bill”.  Any questions surrounding this, please speak with Olga.  Olga attended training on “Fighting Systemic Racism” Part 1.  A precedent setting grievance was finally settled on behalf of one of our members.  This has been a long and arduous battle but in the end, all paid off.  Director Malloy met with Union Leaders.  The meeting became non-collaborative and subsequently a 2nd meeting will be scheduled. At the Labour Management meeting, “Private Practice” was not on the agenda.  Workload continues to be a problem in some of our PSSP positions.  Peter and Laura shared that there needs to be a “mechanism for replacement vs increasing caseloads to cover for members who are on various leaves.  This will be put forth at the December 19th Senior Management meeting.  Olga, Michelle and Kelly attended the recent District Executive Meeting.  This was Doug Joliff’s last meeting as president.  Richardo will join Olga and Michelle at the next meeting.
  5. Vice President’s Report: The Pregnancy Workshop was attended by 15 members.  Nancy Vogel facilitated and Michelle and Daniela assisted and were trained on the various aspects of Pregnancy Leave.  Due to the success of this workshop, a Spring Workshop is being considered.  This will be held in the West End.  Details to follow when available.  Planning work has begun for the OSSTF Server.  The predicted date for completion is the end of January.  All “Return to Work” has been accomplished.  All members who have been on medical leave have either been placed or are already in their new positions.  Executive members were reminded that there is a benevolent fund for those members on leave that are experiencing hardship as a result of not being able to work.  Members can apply to OSSTF for assistance.  There is currently a grievance being filed against the board.
  6. Treasurer’s Report: There is no report for this meeting.
  7. Committee Reports:

Human Rights Committee:  Solange shared that the district will be holding a conference in April for students around Human Rights.  More information to follow when received.

GSA Committee:  Sharon shared the following information with regards to a “Safe Space Video Contest for Students”.   ?OSSTF Toronto 2017-18 Gay-Straight Alliance Safe Space Video Contest for Students

Staff Advisors of GSA/QSA/Social Justice Clubs, teachers of Com Tech: check out this contest!! Attached is a copy of a poster that we hope you post in your class/meeting space and share it with your students!

This contest is an opportunity for students to win one of two prizes of $100.

  • What is Positive Space?
  • What does Positive Space feel and look like?
  • How can we create safe and positive spaces for LGBTQQ2s people?


Submissions should be an aesthetically-appealing video of 3 minutes (or less), which effectively communicates how Positive Space can be safer space for everyone. Their video may be:

  • A Public Service Announcement
  • A mini-documentary about positive space in your school
  • A music video, a poem, or another form of video

Videos can be in .MP4 or .AVI format and must be submitted by April 6, 2018. to using Google Drive.? If you have questions, please contact Hayssam Hulays at

Status of Women Committee:  Laura reported that this committee was considering a new initiative in the form of a onetime award.  The committee was looking for approval  from District to be able to fund various projects.  Olga shared that this had been presented at the District Executive Meeting and had not been supported due to the initial set-up of the initative.

Human Rights / Status of Woman Committees will be working with Amnesty International.

Eco Committee:  Meeting to be held December 12.

Black, Indiginous Workers of Colour Committee:  Daniela reported on this committee.  The question that was posed by this committee was as follows:  With the SROs our of TDSB schools, what is OSSTF’s stand?  Olga and Kelly shared that this was also discussed at the recent District Executive Meeting.  The question of whether extra PSSP members, teachers and safety monitors would be hired to replace SROs was defeated by the District Executive.  According to the OSSTF collective agreement, monitoring/walking the halls for additional periods of time during the school day would violate the current collective agreement.  The fact that the SROs have been officially removed from TDSB schools is a “done deal” and is no longer negotiable.  Safety concerns, human rights concerns, violence in the workplace, safety plan concerns, the inability to deny any student an education continue to be present.  PSSP workers continue to make students safe.

Newsletter Committee:  Kelly requested that “good news stories” and events be forwarded to her by Executive Members for our PSSP Newsletter Launch.  It is hoped that it can be done and sent out to our membership prior to the Christmas Break.

  1. New Business: AMPA:  The event/conference is being held on March 9, 10, 11.  PSSP is allotted 9 spaces (8 delegates and 1 alternate).  The following Executive Members will be attending:  Olga, Michelle, Solange, Daniela, Koryn, Richardo, Sharon and Lino.  This leaves one space for the alternate position.  Alternate position will be selected as in past practices. (“tap”).
  2. Adjourn: Meeting is adjourned at 6:45 p.m.