Payroll Deductions for December 2017

Thursday, December, 14th, 2017 by Site Admin

Please see OSSTF Benefits Memorandum sent on behalf of Donna Morrison, Executive Director.




OSSTF Benefits Memorandum


To:       Bargaining Unit Presidents

From:  Donna Morrison, Executive Director

Date:   December 11, 2017

Re:      Payroll Deductions for December, 2017


OSSTF Benefits, OTIP, and Boards of Education have been working together to get data changes processed into the Benefits system, most specifically for new hires, members with changes of FTE, members returning from leaves, etc.

OSSTF Benefits has been advised that the majority of pending board data has now been loaded into the OTIP Benefits Administration system, which should mean that new members and members with changes going into this school year have now received notification of their benefits eligibility and are able to complete the enrollment and/or make new elections.

Due to the fact that a large number of the changes processed were retroactive changes, OSSTF Benefits has advised OTIP to not process retroactive member contribution charges that are $100 or more from the members’ December pay.  OSSTF Benefits does not want members to be in financial distress because of a large retroactive deduction having to be taken in one lump sum.

OSSTF Benefits is working with OTIP to compile and send out invoices to members for the outstanding retroactive premium with a proposed repayment schedule.  It is important that members are aware that this premium is owing and that they will be invoiced for it, but that it will not have to be repaid in a lump sum.

The standard repayment schedule that will be offered by OTIP will be for the repayment of back premium with 4 monthly payments. This can be done by cheque (i.e. one current dated cheque with three post dated cheques for the following 3 months) or by contacting OTIP and requesting to be moved to a direct billing status whereby OTIP can arrange a payment plan to collect your outstanding balance over 4 months along with your regular monthly premiums. Contact details will be included with the outstanding balance notice that you will receive. Members will be offered the availability of contacting OTIP for a longer repayment schedule and these requests will be reviewed on an individual basis with OSSTF Benefits.

Important Note:

If members do not respond to the repayment invoice within 30 days of receiving it, the retroactive owed premium will be taken via payroll deduction. 


Please note that regular December deductions as well as retroactive adjustments of up to $100 will be processed.  We are also aware that some boards are processing double deductions in December for 10-month payroll members and this adjustment will continue.

Members who have questions or comments in this regard are encouraged to call into OTIP Benefits Services at 1 866 783 6847, or to contact Donna Morrison at