Payroll Deductions for December 2017

Thursday, December, 14th, 2017 by Michelle Pagniello

Please see OSSTF Benefits Memorandum sent on behalf of Donna Morrison, Executive Director.




OSSTF Benefits Memorandum


To:       Bargaining Unit Presidents

From:  Donna Morrison, Executive Director

Date:   December 11, 2017

Re:      Payroll Deductions for December, 2017


OSSTF Benefits, OTIP, and Boards of Education have been working together to get data changes processed into the Benefits system, most specifically for new hires, members with changes of FTE, members returning from leaves, etc.

OSSTF Benefits has been advised that the majority of pending board data has now been loaded into the OTIP Benefits Administration system, which should mean that new members and members with changes going into this school year have now received notification of their benefits eligibility and are able to complete the enrollment and/or make new elections.

Due to the fact that a large number of the changes processed were retroactive changes, OSSTF Benefits has advised OTIP to not process retroactive member contribution charges that are $100 or more from the members’ December pay.  OSSTF Benefits does not want members to be in financial distress because of a large retroactive deduction having to be taken in one lump sum.

OSSTF Benefits is working with OTIP to compile and send out invoices to members for the outstanding retroactive premium with a proposed repayment schedule.  It is important that members are aware that this premium is owing and that they will be invoiced for it, but that it will not have to be repaid in a lump sum.

The standard repayment schedule that will be offered by OTIP will be for the repayment of back premium with 4 monthly payments. This can be done by cheque (i.e. one current dated cheque with three post dated cheques for the following 3 months) or by contacting OTIP and requesting to be moved to a direct billing status whereby OTIP can arrange a payment plan to collect your outstanding balance over 4 months along with your regular monthly premiums. Contact details will be included with the outstanding balance notice that you will receive. Members will be offered the availability of contacting OTIP for a longer repayment schedule and these requests will be reviewed on an individual basis with OSSTF Benefits.

Important Note:

If members do not respond to the repayment invoice within 30 days of receiving it, the retroactive owed premium will be taken via payroll deduction. 


Please note that regular December deductions as well as retroactive adjustments of up to $100 will be processed.  We are also aware that some boards are processing double deductions in December for 10-month payroll members and this adjustment will continue.

Members who have questions or comments in this regard are encouraged to call into OTIP Benefits Services at 1 866 783 6847, or to contact Donna Morrison at

September 2017 Executive Minutes

Thursday, December, 7th, 2017 by Michelle Pagniello



September 21, 2017

Present: Olga De Melo, Sharon Grant, Michelle Pagniello, Richardo Harvey, Kelly Green, Solange Scott, Peter Mallouh, Koryn Marshall, Laura Maloney, Danielo Melo, Karen Littlewood

Regrets: Randy Banderob, Lino DeMedeiros

The Anti-Harassment statement was read after introductions.  Solange Scott is the Anti-Harassment Officer for this meeting.

  1. Adopt Agenda: Agenda Adopted

Mover: Olga De Melo                    Seconded: Michelle Pagniello



  1. Approve Minutes:
  • April 18, 2017 Amendments to read:

-Rosemary Judd-Archer was Present, Peggy Stevens and Solange Scott Regrets.

-Item 2 to read “some followed the constitution…”and “Pierre was correct in his advice”

  • April 26, 2017 AGM minor housekeeping only


  1. Business Arising


  1. Provincial OSSTF Report: Provincial Report was given


  1. Presidents Report:

October 2017 Executive Minutes

Thursday, December, 7th, 2017 by Michelle Pagniello



October 26, 2017

Present: Olga De Melo, Sharon Grant, Michelle Pagniello, Richardo Harvey, Kelly Green, Solange Scott, Peter Mallouh, Koryn Marshall, Laura Maloney, Daniela Melo, Cathy Renfrew

Regrets: Randy Banderob, Lino DeMedeiros, Karen Littlewood

The Anti-Harassment statement was read after introductions.  Solange Scott is the Anti-Harassment Officer for this meeting.

  • Adopt Agenda: Agenda Adopted

Mover: Olga De Melo                    Seconded: Michelle Pagniello



  • Approve Minutes:
  • Health and Safety files have not been removed as requested in last meeting. An email was sent to Sharon by Michelle for follow up.
  • It has been requested that pages of minutes be numbered to facilitate easier reference by executive members.
  • It has been requested that minutes be sent to executive members one week prior to the next meeting so that executive members have a chance to read prior to meetings.
  • Business Arising:
  1. Provincial Office Report:
  • Suzette Clark is retiring. Cathy Renfrew will be replacing her as the new Director.
  • In a meeting with the Assistant Deputy Minister, it was announced that the Special Needs Strategy and Provincial Advisory Committee/Workgroup has been suspended.







  1. President’s Report:
  • Olga and Michelle attended Election Readiness Day to start preparation for the next Provincial Election. There will be another meeting in February. PSSP will be represented well.
  • Director Malloy held a meeting on November 3 with union Presidents and Leaders to view issues and concerns in a “Team Approach”. There will be 1 OTP and 4 Itinerant CYWs hired.  A major issue that is being looked into is the fact that Central Positions are NOT being replaced during various leaves which results in increased workload.  Members are encouraged to call Olga if they are requested to do so by their managers,  This seriously impacts the level of service that is being offered.  Laura and Peter want monetary compensation as a result of extra caseload and increased time that is involved in maintaining such.  They also shared that there has been an increase in pressure from school administrators due to the backlog.  Olga stated that although there is a “Letter of Understanding” to cover this situation, the TDSB claims that there is no money available.  Cathy Renfrew reiterated that the members should not allow their managers to assign larger workloads without contacting Olga first.  A letter needs to be sent to principals informing them that the only service available is “barebones service” vs none.  Because this is a workload issue, Olga will take the issue to the Director.
  • Olga reminded all Executive members of the upcoming retreat in Niagara Falls on November 10-11. This year’s retreat is being held at the Sheraton Falls View.  If anyone is unable to attend, please let Olga know ASAP.  Travel will be covered for this trip.
  • Committee assignments were given at the last meeting. The District Executive Committee requires 3 representatives.  The 2 time release officers and 1 other executive member.  Solange, Kelly, Daniella and Richardo expressed an interest.  After much debate, it was decided that Solange, Kelly and Richardo would rotate attending so that they all be afforded the opportunity to experience and learn about the district executive committee.  Daniela offered to be the alternative member for this committee.  Participation in this committee will be revisited to clarify the previous attendees as part of our Constitution.  This will be done at our next AGM.
  • Executive Session: The Executive went into Executive Session for a brief period of time.  This motion was moved by Olga and Seconded by Richardo.    A member issue was discussed.  Olga will report back to said member.  Executive Rise motion moved by Olga and seconded by Michelle.  CARRIED.
  1. Vice President’s Report:
  • Construction is nearly complete on the renovations to the office. The new look makes the office safer as the partition wall has been removed and there is a clear view to the door from the inner offices.  Construction costs to date are $3584.14 with other minor cosmetic item to be taken care of. An Open House for the District Members is being considered to show off our new office space.
  • Michele will be attending Central Bargaining Committee as our new Head Negotiator.
  • There will be a “Pregnancy Workshop” for our members on November 28th at 5 p.m. Nancy Vogel has offered to facilitate this workshop.  Michelle will attend in a training capacity so that she will be able to facilitate workshops in the future.  A motion was put forth to cover costs for this from our PD fund.
  • BIRT $200 + travel will be paid to Nancy to cover her costs and show our gratitude for facilitating.

Motion:  Olga                   Seconded: Daniella                              CARRIED.

  • Kelly will create a “Bio Poster” ASAP and forward to Michelle for distribution to our members.
  • There will be an OMERS Pension Workshop in the new year. Information to follow at a later date.
  • PSSP will be joining CUPE for the Annual Winter Festival this year. Details to follow.
  • Plans are in the works to have the December 19 Executive Meeting in the form of a Christmas dinner. This will be held at a restaurant rather than the office.  Details to follow once plans have been formalized.


  1. Treasurer’s Report:
  • The Treasurer met with the 2 Time Release Officers on September 14 regarding : the duties of the Treasurer, PSSP Constitution duties, By-Law 8 and OSSTF Treasurer Handbook. The Treasurer expressed concern that we are not adhering to Constitution By-law 8 and OSSTF Financial Handbook (page 13) regarding the Change of Treasurer with the explanation of Audits.  This was brought to the Executive as of September as information and now for action.  Olga shared that in previous years, Jim Spray from District Office, had explained that Audits are a very costly expense to the bargaining unit.
  • The Treasurer emailed the 2 Time Release Officers (Olga and Michelle) with dates available to meet with the OSSTF Treasurer and/or Chief Financial Officer for the explanation of the duties of the Treasurer and the OSSTF Financial Handbook.  Both parties are available to meet PSSP.
  • Various lines of the Budget were discussed for clarification. Some of these included: Money for renovation from district surplus to be known as “District Rebate line.  Time Release (line 24) are tied to a “vault letter” and subsequent “estople”.  This clarifies the difference between paid vs owed d/t bargaining.  Sharon clarified that columns C & E are actual numbers and column F is the difference.
  • The Treasurer attended his first District Finance meeting on October 5. Surplus from previous year is available for disbursement to District Bargaining Units.
  • The Treasurer and 2 Time Release Officers met at the bank on October 16 to add Treasurer as a signing authority and remove previous signing officer.
  • The Treasurer and 2 Time Release Officers are in the process of meeting with potential book keepers and the current book keeper .
  • The Treasurer reminded Executive and Committee expenses be submitted to the Treasurer within 45 days of events whenever possible.


  1. Committee Reports: None to report.
  2. Other Business: None to report.
  3. Motion to Adjourn: Moved:  Kelly               7:24 p.m.