June 2017 Executive Meeting Minutes

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June 14, 2017

Present: Olga De Melo, Sharon Grant, Renee Phillips, Michelle Pagniello, Richardo Harvey, Kelly Green, Solange Scott, Lino DeMedeiros, Peter Bates, Peter Mallouh, Koryn Marshall, Laura Maloney, Daniela Melo

Regrets: Jo Dean, Jackie Dell; Nancy Vogel, Sheida Shahramian, Randy Banderob, Peggy Stevens, Veronica Montague

The Anti-Harassment statement was read after introductions.  Peter Bates is the Anti-Harassment Officer for this meeting.

  1. Adopt Agenda: Agenda adopted

BIRT the Executive adopt the proposed agenda.

Moved: Michelle Pagniello          Seconded:  Olga De Melo



  1. Outgoing Executive Members / Incoming Executive Members

Members that are not returning to the Executive next year was given a token of appreciation.  New members were all welcomed.


  1. Approval of February 2017 Minutes as Amended: Minutes corrected and adopted by consensus.

BIRT the minutes of the February 2017 Executive Meeting be approved.

Moved:  Olga De Melo              Seconded: Michelle Pagniello



  1. Business Arising from Minutes:
  • Lobby day was a great success. Delegations from OSSTF attended.  Provincial Office took lead.  It was about violence in the workplace.
  • Grievance that took place in May has been extended.
  • AMPA was a success.  This year was an election year that saw some fairly significant change to the face of our Provincial Executive.  The successful candidate for President was Harvey Bishop.  The successful candidates for Vice President were  Cindy Dube and Rob Gascho.  At the Executive Officer level there were three successful candidates, The successful candidates were Paul Caccamo, Karen Littlewood and Martha Hardowy. OSSTF Toronto’s Earl Burt was once again acclaimed to the position of Treasurer.

Next year we will be assigned Karen Littlewood as our Executive Officer.  We also will be assigned 1 Liaison.


  1. Provincial Office Monthly Report:

Provincial report was given.


  1. Presidents report:

SIP applications – TDSB decided to have TDSB SIPs.  They do not come with an SNA and can have more than one students.  A grievance will be filed on behalf of each person because they did not know that it was a different job.  There will be postings in the summer and these postings are Ministry ones.  They should have an SNA.  If they do not, please let union know.  Board SNA will not be 1-1 and they can have many students.


Behaviour Resource Counsellor is a new job class.  Its only 1 position for 1 specific program.


With extension of contract, the Board was given money to hire new PSSP staff.  CUPE was also given money.  Our portion was 1.4 million.  The President met with the Board to see what to do with the money.  The Chiefs also gave input.  12 new staff will be hired.  There is also a proposal for a brand-new program.  FTE is going up for at least 12 positions.  Proposal was also to bring back the 2 CYC that were laid off before any other job postings are posted.


Next year we are looking to review the itinerant CYW roles.  The President is having a meeting with the head of Special Education, the Itinerant team and the CYS Manager to see what is working and what is not working.  The CYS manager will be having a meeting with the Itinerant CYWs to see what is not working.


There will be staffing shifts at 5050 Yonge.


At Provincial Council, the Minister of Labour and Education came to talk about new violent incidents and what they were going to do.  This took place on June 2nd.  They are recognizing that our staff also has huge issues of violence.  The hope is that they will review what the Nurses have and see if there is a way to have a sector based violence protocol for education.  They will have investigation teams who will be visiting every Board to talk about the Occupational Health and Safety Act.  They also spoke about streamlining it between Cities and want to expand access to information.  They want the staff to have the info they need before the staff starts working with the students.


Benefits – still having glitches.  Many Members having issues.  If they are not having success, please call the Union so that they can help.  If a medication is not being covered, there is an appeal process.  If you move, please let the Board know.  OTIP gets their info from the Board.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday is not a good day to meet for Executive meetings.  Meetings will be on Thursdays next year.


Each person gets assigned to 2 committees.  1 committee chaired, 1 co-chaired.  Next year PSSP will be trying to attend District Committees, therefore each person will have 1 PSSP and 1 District Committee.


Contact information was given to the President and will be shared with the Executive in September.


Please give dietary restrictions to the Treasurer before you leave.


2 Health and Safety Inspectors will be extended for the next 2 years.  Sharon does LC 1 and 4.  Solange does LC2 and 3.  Their assignment is to ensure the safety of PSSP members.  Email is health.safety@pssp.on.ca.  I.T. people will be looking into switching the server to the OSSTF server.  This will happen in September.  Health and Safety will have 2 email address.


OSSTF Leadership conference is from August 17 – 19 in Toronto.  PSSP is allowed to bring 1 member due to the FTE.  Extra delegates are $250 for the conference, $220 per night for hotel plus mileage and parking.


A discussion about who attends the Leadership conference took place.  Next year’s Constitution Committee will be establishing a formal method for this conference.


PSSP support staff retreat is from November 10 and 11 in Niagara Falls.  The President already said yes to the Executive attending.  Please let the President know by the beginning of September if you can or cannot attend.


District AGM is tomorrow at Latvian centre at 6:30 p.m.


Labour Day parade celebration information will be sent to the Bargaining unit.


President will be around for the first 2 weeks of July.  The office will close until  August 21.


  1.  Adjournment:

Motion to Adjourn:  BIRT that the Executive meeting adjourn.

Moved:  Olga De Melo              Seconded: Michelle Pagniello

Meeting Adjourned at 6:27 p.m.