February 2017 Executive Minutes

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February 22, 2017

Present: Olga De Melo, Nancy Vogel, Sharon Grant, Renee Phillips, Veronica Montague, Michelle Pagniello, Richardo Harvey, Sheida Shahramian, Randy Banderob, Peggy Stevens, Solange Scott

Regrets: Jo Dean, Jackie Dell, Sue Doughty-Smith

  1. Adopt Agenda: Agenda adopted


  1. Approval of November 2016 Minutes as Amended: Minutes corrected and adopted by consensus.


  1. Business Arising from Minutes: No business aroused from minutes.


  1. Provincial Office Monthly Report: The Provincial Report was given. Lobby day is in April. Applications for Provincial Standing Committees are closing soon.  You can look at the descriptions and application form on the OSSTF website.


  1. President’s Report: On November 21 and 22, 2016, PSSP President’s attended the Children’s Mental Health conference. Attendees spoke about mental health in the school. Please get application in for the Provincial Standing Committees.  Olga needs to write a letter to support.  A grievance is going into arbitration in May.Trustee information night was cancelled due to the Trustee Chair of the Board saying that there was a lot going on and there was not a lot of time for the meeting.  Executive members attended the D12 trustee information night.

President and VP will be putting PSSP job description booklet in the Trustee mailboxes.  The PSSP info was also shared with the Senior Managers in the Board.

The front of the office was changed around to create a workspace instead of an office area.  A discussion about the Health and Safety Inspectors work space arose.

BIRT item 8 on agenda be subdivided into 8A Treasurer report and 8B budget for AGM

MOVED:  Richardo Harvey                              SECONDED: Olga De Melo



BIRT that the Bargaining Unit Executive direct the Constitution Committee in

developing language to describe how the Health and Safety Inspectors get their jobs and

what are their duties.

MOVED: Richardo Harvey                               SECONDED: Olga De Melo


  1. AMPA: Volume 2 was emailed to everyone attending AMPA.  Pre-AMPA Meeting, NOVA, is March 5, 2017.


  1. Constitution Committee Motions for AGM: Motions going to the AGM was discussed.


8A.  Treasurer Report: The Treasurer gave the report.  She also discussed the proposed

budget for the 2017-2018 year.


BIRT the proposed budget for 2017-2018 be endorsed by the Executive for

presentation at the annual general meeting.

MOVED:  Michelle Pagniello                         SECONDED:  Nancy Vogel


   8B.  Budget for AGM:

The VP spoke about what budget line should be used to fix the Health and Safety Laptop.


BIRT that the computer repair come from budget line 5570.

MOVED:  Richardo Harvey                   SECONDED:  Veronica Montague



  1. AGM: Anyone planning to run for any positions at the AGM needs to give their information to Nancy by Thursday February 24 and March 23, 2017.  She will be sending the information to the membership.


  1.  Health and Safety Inspectors Report:  The Health and Safety Report was given.     International Workers Day of Mourning is April 28, 2017.


  1.  Conferences and Training:  This will be discussed at the next meeting.


  1.  New Business:  Review of the September 2016 motion.


BIRT that all members who are selected to attend any OSSTF/PSSP events must agree to attend the full event.

            Moved: Olga DeMelo            Seconded: Nancy Vogel


  1. Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 7:27 p.m.