PSSP 2016 Gala

Friday, May, 27th, 2016 by Nancy Vogel

Our bi annual Student & Staff Awards’ Ceremony was held on May 25 on George S Henry Academy where 18 students from the elementary and secondary panels were honoured.   The students,  families,  PSSP nominators and school staff heard the keynote speaker, Sheldon Benoit, who gave an inspiring keynote address where he shared some of the ups and downs of his own journey through school from arriving in Canada as a child to the CFL to being a teacher and coach at the TDSB.  Entertainment was provided by two outstanding female vocalists who are students of the TDSB.

Thank you to the Committee for all their hard work and a special call out to Kelly Green who works at George S Henry Academy and Richardo Harvey, Chair of the Gala Committee.

AGM: June 21, 2016

Friday, May, 6th, 2016 by Nancy Vogel

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of PSSP, D12, OSSTF will occur at The Latvian Centre, 4 Credit Union Drive,  on June 21 from 5 – 7 pm.  This is the annual meeting where changes to the constitution are proposed and voted on by those present; the budget for the bargaining unit is voted on for the upcoming school year;  and members have an opportunity to bring motions, ask questions or express concerns to their union Executive.

We will be highlighting some upcoming workshops/ meetings that will occur beginning in September:

What can your union rep do for you?

Your new collective agreement explained in plain language

Pregnancy Workshop – fall 2016

OMERS Workshop – fall 2016

Retirement Gratuity: Vested Sick Days Explained

Thursday, May, 5th, 2016 by Nancy Vogel

Many of us remain confused over the number of actual sick days noted on our pay stubs as of August 31, 2012 and the number of vested days used to calculate the amount of our Retirement Gratuity.  The explanation related to the number of years of eligible service you earned at the TDSB by the August 31, 2012 date.  Sick days calculated for the purpose of the Retirement Gratuity were different from the actual number of days available to use if one was sick and depends on whether you had 25 years of service as of that date or less than 25 years.

The calculation used by the TDSB is as follows:

25+ years of service:  If you have 25 years of service and 200 sick days you receive the maximum allowance Retirement gratuity which equals 50% of your annual salary as of August 31, 2012.

Less than 25 years of service:

Your years of service X 200/25 = vested days

Example:   12 years of service:    12 X 8 = 96 vested days