Sick Leave Explained: STLDP 100% & 90%

Monday, April, 18th, 2016 by Nancy Vogel

April 18, 2016

The TDSB is now showing on your pay stubs the 131 sick days permanent PSSP members are entitled to receive each school year, under the terms of our collective agreement.

Each permanent and full year contract employee receives the following allotment of sick days per school year:

11 Sick Days, plus 120 STLDP days
comprised of 100% STLDP days and 90% STLDP days

All 131 days are treated like ordinary sick days in relation to obtaining medical notes, calling in sick, and being seamlessly available to you. However, once the 12th day of sick leave is used it is categorized under STLDP, either 100% or 90%.

If you used all 11 sick days in the previous school year, then you will not have any days in the STLDP 100% category.  Any unused of the 11 days carry over to the next school year only, to top up the STLDP 90% days to 100% of salary.  Every one day not used of the 11 sick days equals 10 STLDP 100% days, since you are topping up 10% per day when off sick.

For example, if I used 6 sick days last school year I would have 5 days available to top up my STLDP 100% bank for this school year.  That would create 50 days at 100%.  The remaining 70 days (120 days minus 50 at STLDP 100%) will be paid under STLDP 90%.  That means 90% of your salary is paid when you begin using those days.  Your pension and other deductions are taken as if you are being paid at 100%, so the only affected item is your salary.

Most of us do not require any STLDP days as this is far beyond the average number of days taken by most public sector employees, which has typically been 6 sick days per year.  Think of the STLDP as a safety net should you become seriously ill and remember, sick days are to be used for you, not to care for ill family members, according to the terms of our collective agreement.

New in this collective agreement:  As of September 2016, we must be at work for 11 days before the full allotment will be triggered for the 16-17 school year. There are provisions to use any unused days from the previous school year (from the total 131 days), so permanent PSSP members are paid if off sick during those first 11 days.  However, your new allotment does not begin until you complete 11 days of work each September.

When can the employer ask for a medical note?  Your supervisor may ask for a note after only one day off sick, but you must supply a medial note after 5 consecutive days off sick.