When Should I Contact the Bargaining Unit?

Thursday, March, 31st, 2016 by Nancy Vogel

When Should I Call My Union Office?

Although we receive many calls from members some of you may be worried that if you call the union you will be seen as a troublemaker or worsen the problem.  Most of our contacts with members are consultations where you decide next steps after receiving some advice and options. Sometimes members need some time to consider those options prior to making a decision about what they may or may not do about a particular issue.

What We Provide When You Contact Us:

We clarify your rights and responsibilities on the job.  We provide guidance and advice when you are unsure of a policy or action directed towards you.  We provide a safe place to vent when you need to express a frustration.  We can offer referral information when a situation feels beyond your ability to manage.  We can provide context for your situation, regarding what the Collective Agreement says about the situation and what past practices at the TDSB have been.

On a regular basis we contact departments at 5050 Yonge that include these most frequent contacts: Employee Services, Payroll, Benefits and Pension. We receive timely responses and can advocate on your behalf.

So, when should you call us?  Whenever you are unsure about a work related situation, sick days, your pay, or any other issue that arises from working at the TDSB.  Don’t hesitate to call and we will try to assist you.

March 7: Retro Pay

Monday, March, 7th, 2016 by Nancy Vogel

Look for the final adjustment to pay cheques on March 10, 2016 for retro pay from two potential sources: 1% pay increase that is effective Sept 1, 2015 and movement up the grid for eligible members, effective January 1,2016. Most members received these payments on Feb 25, but the employee services and payroll depts continue to work on a small number of employees’ files.  If you have not received it by the March 10 pay stub, please get in touch with the union office.