Oct 5: PSSP Support Staff of OSSTF Begin Job Action

Tuesday, October, 6th, 2015 by Nancy Vogel

Today, approximately 18,000 support staff members of OSSTF/FEESO begin legal job action involving a selective withdrawal of services.  It has been nearly 14 months since OSSTF/FEESO issued the notice to bargain to the management team and these members are still without a deal.

Support staff members represent over 200 different job classes of workers who work in our publicaly-funded education system.  They provide vital services for students and support the work of others in our schools so that the entire system functions effectively.

Yet, these education assistants, child & youth workers, tradespeople, office and clerical staff, social workers, psychologists, technicians, early childhood educators, speech language pathologists, instructors, and the many others who keep the education system running are still without a fair deal.  They have been left to feel disrespected at the bargaining table by the management team of the Ontario Government and the Council of Trustees’ Association.

OSSTF/FEESO wants to see the management team back at the bargaining table and a fair deal for support staff.