Sick Leave Days & 90% Sick Days

Thursday, March, 5th, 2015 by Nancy Vogel

All permanent PSSP members are entitled to 11 sick days this school year followed, seamlessly, by 120 Short Term Disability Leave Plan(STDLP) days,  which are paid at 90% of salary.  However, if you didn’t use all 11 of your sick days from last school year, you will have those 90% days topped up by the number of unused days. You call in sick and provide medical notes, as required, exactly the same during the STLP days as you would during the 11 sick days.  This is an enhanced sick leave plan from previous plans and has been in effect, retroactively, from Sept 1, 2012.

Temporary Contract PSSP members (over 4 months in the same position) receive 11 sick days and 60 STDLP days, all prorated to the length of the contract.