Status of Women Callout

Monday, September, 22nd, 2014 by Nancy Vogel

Dear politically-savvy friends who are grounded in feminism, who have a clue, and whose work I respect: I am writing to you in my capacity as co-chair (with Sharon De Four) of the OSSTF D12 Status of Women Committee. We’re having our first meeting of the year this Thursday September 25 at 4:30 pm at the OSSTF office at Bathurst and St. Clair. We have a fantastic year to look forward to! In addition to planning for Cook for the Cure and the Status of Women Awards Dinner, we will also be exploring how to support female-identified teachers & PSSP members, female-identified students in our schools, and movements for women’s rights. Can you come to this week’s meeting and consider getting involved with the SoW Committee this year? Come on out – and bring along two friends! There will be food, and childcare costs can be reimbursed. Contact Sharon De Four for more details @

Committee Volunteers Required

Friday, September, 19th, 2014 by Nancy Vogel

Sept 2014:  We are seeking additional member participation on the following PSSP committees. This is a great opportunity for you to become involved with the bargaining unit.  We would highly encourage all interested members to get involved.

  • Constitution Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Member Engagement/Newsletter Committee
  • PD Committee
  • Election Readiness/Political Action
  • Pension Workshop Committee

Constitution Committee – This Committee requires 3 additional Members.

The PSSP Constitution requires that an annual review be conducted.  The role of the Constitution Committee is to review the PSSP Constitution and By-Laws and make recommendations to align policies and procedures with current practice and with both the District and Provincial Constitutions.  These recommendations will be presented at the PSSP AGM. This committee will meet up to 3 times this year. The meetings will be held at 1501 Danforth Ave   M4J 5C3

Finance Committee – This Committee requires 4 additional Members. 

The finance committee will consist of up to 3 members from the Executive plus 4 members from the general membership.  The primary responsibility of the finance committee is to advise and make recommendations to the executive on the budget and other areas with financial implications. This committee will meet up to 3 times this year. The meetings will be held at 1501 Danforth Ave M4J 5C3

Member Engagement/Newsletter Committee – This Committee requires 3 additional Members. This Committee serves to reach out and engage the membership in our Union with a dual purpose to promote what we do as professionals and disseminate information.

PD Committee – This Committee requires 4 additional members. The Committee will help plan, organize and carry out the 2014/2015 school year PSSP PD Day on February 13, 2015.

Election Readiness/Political Action – This Committee requires 3 more members. The Committee will serve to inform the membership on Election and Political Action matters and to help put PSSP on the Political Map.

Pension Workshop Committee – This Committee requires 3 additional members. The Committee will plan and carry out Pension workshops open to all PSSP members.

If you are interested on any of the above committees, please send your intentions, including the name of the committee to:   by October 1, 2014.  Members will be informed of their Committee assignment via e-mail and a full list of PSSP committees and their members will be posted on our website.

Oct 2 Bargaining Strategy Mtg & Vote

Friday, September, 19th, 2014 by Nancy Vogel

Metro Convention Centre, 255 Front St W, Hall A  5 pm

Buses will be taking members to and from various high schools around the city.  Specific details will be posted here and sent via personal emails on Oct 1. This membership meeting includes all District 12 members: teachers, occasional teachers and PSSP members.  Only PSSP members will vote at the conclusion of the meeting as teachers will vote in their schools, as per their constitutional requirements. No proxy votes are allowed.

You have been receiving updates on this meeting via personal emails.  If you require more detailed information please contact the BU office directly at

Workplace Conditions Memo

Thursday, September, 18th, 2014 by Nancy Vogel

Sept 19, 2014 New memo to be sent to all principals on Sept 22.  Print a copy to keep and refer to when scheduling, hours of work and other issues are causing confusion or conflict  in your workplace.

Working Cond Memo Sept 2014