AGM 2014

Wednesday, June, 11th, 2014 by Nancy Vogel

On June 10, 2014 PSSP held our Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the fiscal year: July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014.  We passed a budget that recognizes the restraints required due to the significantly increased costs mandated by the TDSB for our two time-release positions: President and VP. Five motions from the floor passed, some of which were “housekeeping items” to modify our constitution.  There were also changes to our election proceedings so that anyone wishing to run for office and be included on a ballot must announce themselves to the PSSP Secretary by the Friday before the AGM in which elections are to occur (in odd numbered years).  Members may still “run from the floor” but only for those positions which are vacant at the AGM.  For example, if no one is running for the Treasurer position, then members may “run from the floor” of the AGM for that particular position.   Additionally, the size of the Executive was reduced from 11 members to 9 members, with the number of Executive Officers reduced from 7 to 5, beginning with the 2015 election.  This was done for two reasons: to reduce the costs associated with the Executive Committee,  as well as to be in closer compliance with other Bargaining Units around OSSTF who have much smaller Executive bodies.