CYWs: Upgrading your education?

Tuesday, May, 13th, 2014 by Nancy Vogel

Many CYWs decide to return to school to upgrade their academic qualifications.  If you choose to upgrade to a Child & Youth Counsellor, please note that you will not automatically receive any compensation or privileges from the TDSB as a result of completing your degree.  Upon completion of your credits for the degree,  you should send an official notification from your university of your completion of all credits to Employee Services and then enquire about gaining access to the eligible to hire list.  You cannot apply for CYC jobs (or CYW) unless you are on the list(s).

If a permanent CYW is a successful candidate for a temporary CYC position, she/he will be paid as a CYC for the term of the contract and then return to their position of record as a CYW.

If you complete a teaching degree, you can apply for occasional teaching jobs, but you must leave your current position to take a supply teaching position.  You cannot hold two jobs at the same time at the TDSB.  Therefore, you must take a leave of absence from your current PSSP job and have it granted by employee services, prior to taking a teaching position.

Contact the Bargaining Unit office if you have any questions at 647-348-3351.