Working Conditions Memo & Work Hours

Thursday, March, 13th, 2014 by Nancy Vogel

Working Conditions Memo

All supervisors received an updated memo earlier this fall detailing your work hours, who you report to in a school (not a teacher), and other pertinent information about your job duties.  Please refer to it if your supervisor doesn’t know the the difference between PSSP members and CUPE members in your school or is not following the conditions listed in the memo.  Print a copy from the link below to refer to when you’re unsure of your role/duties/responsibilities.

Working Conditions Memo Sept 2013

Work Hours 

All PSSP members work a 7 hour day. School-based staff have difficulty,  at times, scheduling breaks/lunch due to the high-risk students they supervise.  It is important to remember that you are expected to take a 30 minute “rest” break each day.  You can combine your two paid 15 minute breaks for a lunch period and work a 7 hour day.   If you would like to take a lunch period and your two 15 minutes breaks, you will work a 7.5 hour day.  Consult with your school supervisor to work out the schedule.

EI Information – March 2014

Friday, March, 7th, 2014 by Nancy Vogel

PSSP members may apply for EI this March Break IF you are at home and available for work. You should go to the Service Canada website and log onto your account.  If you do not have an account, you can open one by applying for employment insurance benefits.  The number that is effective for the period March 8 – 15, 2014 was sent to all PSSP members via personal and TDSB email addresses.

Violent Incident Forms – Which do I fill out?

Monday, March, 3rd, 2014 by Nancy Vogel

There has been a great deal of confusion for those members who are involved in a violent incident at their workplace regarding which forms to fill out and which department requires the forms.  You may have been bombarded with forms, so we hope the following will help you as you navigate this confusing area of your job.

1.  Violent Incident forms from the Occupational Health & Safety Department must be  filled out online for every incident of violence towards you from anyone in your workplace.   You access this form by going to the TDSB website homepage: Employee Sevices/Health & Safety/Violent Incident Form.  This form automatically is sent to the PSSP Health & Safety Inspector after it is logged at the central office. Your H & S Inspector, Sharon De Four,  will contact you upon receipt of the form.

2. The Special Education Department requires principals to fill out form PR699 B so you may receive this form to be completed when you have experienced a violent incident with a student.  However, it does not replace the above form; it is in addition to it.

3.  If you are injured you must complete the Report of Accident/Injury and forward it to be Health & Welfare Department.  This form is posted in every staff room on the Health & Safety Board.