PSSP Holiday Open House

Thursday, November, 21st, 2013 by Nancy Vogel

Please join your Executive for a refreshment and a chat on Tuesday, December 3, 2013 from 4 – 6:30 pm at the union office: 1501 Danforth Ave, at Coxwell.  Come and discuss your job with other members, local politicians, managers and other union affiliates and ring in the season with a glass of cheer.

Early Retirement Incentive Plan – Teachers Only

Tuesday, November, 19th, 2013 by Nancy Vogel

On Nov 18, 2013 an early retirement incentive plan (EIRP) was posted on Direct Line for all Elementary and Secondary Teachers.  It is a $5,000 bonus that will be added to their retirement gratuity if they retire between Nov 2013 – Jan 30, 2014 (last day of semester 1 for secondary teachers and Jan 31st for elementary teachers).  The purpose of EIRP is to fund the March 7, 2014 unpaid PA day that applies only to teachers.  If enough dollars are found from EIRP and from VLAP (up to 5 days of voluntary leave absence plan) then the March 7 day will be a paid PA day for teachers.

Although your PSSP President argued for support staff to be included in this item that formed part of the Memorandum of Understanding signed in April 2013 between the government and OSSTF, ultimately we were not included. The argument against including support staff was that not enough dollars would be generated to assist the OSSTF teachers to reach their goal of only one unpaid PA day this school year.   The good news is that there are no unpaid PA days for PSSP this school year.


OSSTF Sick Leave Plan Booklet

Friday, November, 15th, 2013 by Nancy Vogel

Nov 15:  OSSTF has released a manual about the Sick Leave Plan for you to download. Since it applies to everyone in the province who is an OSSTF member, it can be confusing to PSSP members.  Please have a look  but also refer to the post that we created for TDSB PSSP members titled: Sick Leave Plan for 2013 – 2014.  If you have any questions about your entitlement, please contact the union office.

sick leave manual 2013 – final copy