Retirement Gratuity (RG) Calculation Info

Wednesday, June, 19th, 2013 by Nancy Vogel

June 19:  TDSB Q & A re: RG   This document was created by the Bd to assist you when you look at your calculation information provided in the letters sent to each PSSP member.      Gratuity Q & A for Unit A, PSSP-OSSTF

June 4: The following document was created by the Bargaining Unit to help you understand the way in which the TDSB calculated your RG.  There are many many mistakes, as acknowledged by the Finance Dept, since the computer spit out information without any manual overseeing of the process by a live payroll agent.  Please file a complaint via the email address given in your letter should you have any concerns about the final calculation.              RG explanation June 4