EI information for 2013-2014

Wednesday, May, 22nd, 2013 by koadmin

All PSSP members work a 10 month year and are laid off during school holiday periods. We are paid over 12 months but are not earning money in July and August – merely receiving our banked earnings taken from our pay during the previous 10 months.  If you work the school year plus 3 days you are paid for those additional days during the December school holiday so cannot apply for EI during that period. You can apply each March break and summer holiday IF you are at home and available for work during those periods as per Employment Insurance rules and regulations.

EI reporting Info for  June 2013 – May 2014:  June 2013 – May 2014 EI Instructions

TDSB Expectations of CYWs

Monday, May, 13th, 2013 by Nancy Vogel

TDSB Expectations of CYWs 

CYWs are increasingly coming under attack for the way in which they maintain relationships with students and staff at the TDSB.  In order to avoid discipline meetings, we would like to highlight a few points.

  • Christine Gaitens, is the Chief of Child & Youth Services.  She is your clinical supervisor and the principal at your school is your on-site supervisor.  Ms. Gaitens has the final say on the manner in which you conduct your work as a professional Child & Youth Worker or Child & Youth Counsellor.
  • The TDSB is a formal setting where you are an authority figure to students. Unlike group home or community agency settings where you can relate to students in an informal manner and use street language, this is not appropriate at the TDSB.  Like teachers and other school staff all CYWs are expected to mentor students and model behaviour in a manner that acknowledges the formal school setting.
  • Discipline has been meted out to PSSP members who do not respect these formal boundaries and who attempt to form relationships with students in a manner that is too casual to be considered a professional relationship.
  • These restrictions may go “against the grain” for many CYWs who have worked for years with students in a very casual and jovial manner, using street language, mannerisms and clothing.  Rather, it is essential that all PSSP members recognize that we model appropriate behaviour for students by using language and behaviour that is what we expect the students to achieve – not what they may be currently using.
  • As you form a therapeutic relationship with your students, remember the boundaries necessary for such a working rapport vs a friendly adult.  While the students may quickly respond to your methods if they see you as different from other adults at school, your job requires you to maintain a professional persona – even if it means taking longer to develop that working relationship.
  • Remember, you are working in a formal institution where your relationship with all students and staff must be respectful, professional and of the highest standard as you ARE a role model to those around you.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Election

Wednesday, May, 8th, 2013 by koadmin

On June 4, 2013 we held our AGM at The Latvian Centre, 4 Credit Union Drive from 4:45 to 7 pm.  This was an election year so all Executive positions were up for election.   All Executive members who ran for office were re-elected.  We have a new member as Treasurer, Veronica Montague.  The budget and all On Time motions were passed at the AGM.

Many budget lines were reduced and a few increased to reflect the spending patterns of the past year.  The total budget comes in several thousand dollars less than last year’s budget.  The books will be closed in the summer as our fiscal year ends on June 30.  A report of the books will be made at our September Executive Meeting.

The office will be open for the first two weeks in July and then closed for the summer until August 19 when we begin the 2013 – 2014 school year.  If you require assistance during the summer holiday, please contact Provincial Office and identify yourself as a District 12, PSSP member at 416/751-8500.

AGM June 2013 Agenda                  AGM 2013 Motions