Bill 115 Court Challenge & Voting on the MOU

Thursday, April, 11th, 2013 by koadmin

April 10, 2013
D/BU #156/2012-2013
Members Voting on the MOU
From: Pierre Côté, General Secretary
Members have asked whether voting yes for the recommended MOU will negatively impact upon our court challenge. In fact, OSSTF/FEESO will seek to rely on the fact that it was able to bargain a deal acceptable to both its members and the government in its legal challenge as evidence that the legislation was an unnecessary and improper barrier to free collective bargaining. It is completely evident now that as soon as Bill 115 was repealed, the parties were able to negotiate an acceptable agreement as they had always done in the past before the threat and introduction of Bill 115. A strong yes vote will assist our legal counsel to make this argument.