TDSB Budget Process & Your Job

Tuesday, February, 5th, 2013 by koadmin

Feb 5: Rumours are flying about programs being closed for the 2013-2014 school year.  The Trustees have begun the annual process of determining the budget for September.  Managers are meeting and consulting.  The TDSB is in a deficit and hard choices have to be made by the Trustees.  This is the beginning of a long and complex process for the Senior Management Team and Trustees that culminates in June when they make their final decisions and the Trustees pass a budget for September.
Look at your seniority placement (posted on this website).  Should there be any job losses it will be based on seniority, not on a particular staff losing a job because their program is cut.  Should programs close or move, PSSP members may have to move to another location within the TDSB.  We will be part of the staffing process and we are advocating for PSSP jobs with Trustees and senior managers.  You may remember last year that every union group suffered job loses at the TDSB except PSSP.  We strive to repeat that amazing feat because we all know that PSSP is understaffed for the extreme needs of our students, not overstaffed.