$10,000 donation to Liberal candidate

Sunday, February, 3rd, 2013 by koadmin

OSSTF asked all bargaining units to cease funding any Liberal Party events last fall as a result of the Liberals’ passage of  Bill 115 and it’s elimination of our collective bargaining rights.  Yet District 12 Teachers donated ten thousand dollars to Eric Hoskins’ campaign for the Liberal Leadership as reported by Global News in January. We saw this and assumed this was STBU funds, and felt it was very unfortunate that the STBU was not following the directives of provincial office.  However, recent statements have led us to believe that the donation was made with District funds which are to be used for the benefit of and with consultation from all three bargaining units (STBU, PSSP, OTBU).

There was ample opportunity on Jan 22, 2013 at our monthly District Executive meeting where your PSSP president, vice president and treasurer are members and were present,  to place this donation on the motions’ list with all the other donations made by the District.  In fact,  the meeting ended rather early, so it was certainly not a timing issue.  Since the District Executive MUST approve the expenditure of district funds, how is it possible that this very large sum was ignored?  We are learning now that it may be put in a motion at the February 26th District Executive Meeting.  Why wait almost two months after the event to bring forward the donation? Why wasn’t usual procedure followed?  Why was such a large sum of money donated to a party we are supposed to be boycotting?!

We are continuing to demand answers of the other D12 Executive members and will keep you informed as the issue unfolds. As the caretakers of your dues it is imperative that all Executive members in our District act with integrity and within the procedures laid out in the constitutions that govern our behaviour.