Bill 115 Regulation Changes: Sick Days & Grid Movement

Tuesday, January, 22nd, 2013 by koadmin

Jan 23: The repeal of Bill 115 does not change any conditions of our contract that is in effect from September 1, 2012 – August 31, 2014.  Since it was imposed on Jan 2, 2013 and the repeal was Jan 22, 2013, it remains fully in effect for all education workers.

Jan 22: The latest regulations from the Ministry of Education came out this week and contain some enhancements for PSSP members.  The changes occur as a result of the CUPE deal that was struck earlier this month.  You may recall that Bill 115 allowed for all education workers in the province to benefit from enhancements contained in any Ministry-approved contracts.

  • We will now receive 11 sick days per year, up from 10 at full pay.  This is backdated to September 1, 2012.
  • For this school year only, anyone who has exceeded their 11 days of sick leave is entitled to an additional 20 days at full pay.  This occurs via a top-up system whereby the government has allowed everyone to have 2 extra days to be used solely for topping up their pay from 90% to 100%.  These days do not carryover into the next school year.
  • For the 2013-2014 school year only, if any of the 11 sick days are unused by August 31, 2013, they may be carried over ONLY for the purpose of topping up sick days paid at 90% for that year.  The result is that you can potentially have more days paid at 100% pay in the next school year.  This carryover feature ends as of August 31, 2014.
  • Grid Movement: The new regs state that we will move on the grid on the 97th day after the designated day in Collective Agreement (CA) on one of the MOUs and six months after the date in which we should have received grid movement previously (January 1) so that would be June 1.   Negotiations about the interpretation are continuing with the TDSB.

Please allow the TDSB payroll system some time to adjust to these new regulations as it may pertain to your sick leave allocation and pay.  We are in conversation with them and will ensure you receive your full entitlement.  By March 1 if you believe these entitlements are incorrect, please contact the union office so we can advocate for your specific situation.

Day of Protest Update

Wednesday, January, 9th, 2013 by koadmin

Jan 11: Elementary teachers’ union cancels day of political protest due to Ontario Labour Board (OLB)  ruling early this morning that deemed the action illegal.  The Jan 16, OSSTF Day of Political Protest is cancelled as a result.   However, please read the message below as it pertains to voluntary and extra curricular activities at work.

January 9, 2013: The following message was sent tonight from Provincial Office.  

Today, OSSTF/FEESO local Bargaining Unit Presidents attended an all-day meeting in Toronto to discuss the actions that OSSTF/FEESO members will take to protest the government’s imposition of working conditions and the loss of  the democratic right to freely bargain collective agreements with employers.It is regrettable that the provincial government has chosen to continue down this path and not respect the rights of education workers.

OSSTF/FEESO members have told their local and provincial leadership that should the Minister of Education impose working conditions on them, removing their ability to have the union engage in free collective bargaining on their behalf, that they would refuse to engage in voluntary and extracurricular activities.  They further voted in favour of a day of action in protest.

A decision was made by OSSTF/FEESO’s bargaining unit leaders at today’s meeting to:

a)      support the withholding of voluntary and extracurricular activities

b)      schedule a day of political protest for Wednesday, January 16, 2013, to be held if the government has not repealed Bill 115 , rescinded the Order in Council that imposed the OECTA MoU and restored free collective bargaining by that date. The political protest will be held locally and will include picketing at Liberal and Tory MPP offices where possible or at local school board offices. More information will be forwarded shortly. CANCELLED due to Ontario Labour Board Ruling: Jan 11, 2012

c)       replace participation in voluntary or extra-curricular activities, by engaging in a public education campaign highlighting the loss of the right to free collective bargaining and the loss of democracy and its implications for all Ontarians.

d)      reconvene a meeting of local Bargaining Unit Presidents to discuss next steps after the Ontario Liberal Leadership Convention or earlier, if government actions warrant it.

OSSTF/FEESO will meet with the Minister of Education at any time to discuss the reinstatement of collective bargaining rights or will meet with the new Premier to discuss any changes in approach to bargaining should the current minister be unwilling.

Further information will be provided tomorrow when any new information is available.



Strike sanctions ended January 2, 2013

Friday, January, 4th, 2013 by koadmin

All PSSP members will return to regular duties without any strike sanctions on January 7, 2013.  We are no longer on strike as a collective agreement was imposed on us by Minister Laurel Broten on January 2, 2013 through an Order of Council.   Some changes to the terms of Bill 115 were made on January 2, 2012 through changes to the regulations.

We do not yet know exactly what our contract includes as PSSP members have some different items from teachers. We are awaiting clarification from the government.  However, we do know the list below applies to PSSP members in Toronto.  Look for more detailed information in the coming week.

The following information is correct to date, with current information that has been supplied as of January 4, 2013.

  • Excluding those items that are included in Bill 115,  the terms of the collective agreement from 2008 – 2012  remain status quo until this contract ends on August 31, 2014.
  • There is limited carryover of unused sick days from the current school year to  the school year 2013 – 2014 to be used exclusively for topping up those on personal illness leave who would otherwise receive 90% of pay.  This will allow for 100% of pay for longer than the current 10 days.   There are also changes to how those on 90% pay this school year will be allowed to receive 100% pay for longer than 10 days.  More will follow when specifics are confirmed.
  • We are required to take one unpaid day in the school year 2013 – 2014.
  • Upon retirement only, our contract allows for the sick leave gratuity to be paid for vested days.  Vested days = all sick days earned as of August 31, 2012 to a maximum of 200.

OSSTF Votes In Favour

Thursday, January, 3rd, 2013 by koadmin

Press Release from Provincial Office: 60 Mobile Dr., Toronto

TORONTO, ON – Dec 21 2012 — Members of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF/FEESO) have voted in favour of conducting a one day political protest to show their opposition to Bill 115, the Putting Students First Act.

A province wide vote was taken over the past week to determine if members would support a one day walkout to show their solidarity against the passage of Bill 115 back on September 11, 2012, which was introduced by the Liberals, and supported by the Hudak Conservatives.

“The teachers and educational support staff workers of OSSTF/FEESO have sent a clear message that they oppose Bill 115 and they are willing to walk out for one day to show the Liberals and the Conservatives that they will not be intimidated by their cynical agenda to strip us of our democratic rights,” said OSSTF/FEESO President, Ken Coran.

No date or locations for such a protest has been determined. Coran noted that he will need to consult the Provincial Executive and local leaders before making a decision on a protest, and it will be the actions of the Minister of Education that will inform any further course of action.

“The political protest is a tool that we can use to exercise our democratic right to speak out against Bill 115,” continued Coran.
“The Minister, the Premier and the Conservatives have vastly underestimated the support of our members and of the public when it comes to opposing Bill 115. The choice is clear for the Minister; do not impose collective agreements upon our members, repeal Bill 115 and allow the negotiations process that has worked for many years to occur without interference or obstruction by the government.”

PA Days and CYWs

Wednesday, January, 2nd, 2013 by koadmin

PA Days

Casual Workers:  All CYWs who are paid on a per diem basis should not report to work on a PA day as they will not be paid.

Temporary Contract Workers: A temporary worker on a contract who receives a salary will be paid for all stat holidays and PA days during the term of their contract.

Permanent CYWs:  All permanent CYWs must take their lieu day (extra holiday day per school year, page 69 of our collective agreement) on a PA day and receive approval form their principal or designate before taking the day.  Typically, the Chief of Child & Youth Services designates one PA day per school year as mandatory attendance for all CYServices staff, and that one cannot be taken as the lieu day.