Budget Cuts at the TDSB

Thursday, June, 7th, 2012 by koadmin

Budget Passed – No Cuts to PSSP

 Late in the evening on June 13th the Trustees passed a balanced budget that restored all PSSP and Special Education funding to current allocations.  All layoff notices given to PSSP members will be rescinded.   Throughout the long evening many Trustees reported that their constitutents would not stand for cuts to vulnerable students who need the support of PSSP members.

The participatory Budget Consultation Meetings, initiated by Trustee Chris Glover, were cited as the prime source for learning how much parents and the community  see the value and necessity of Spec Ed and PSSP support staff to the TDSB.  Thank you to all members who contacted their Trustees.  Your Executive worked hard to accomplish zero cuts.  Congratulations to us all!