2nd Annual Gala

Monday, May, 7th, 2012 by koadmin

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2nd Annual Student & Staff Award Ceremony:

Student Recognition Awards            

Positive School Involvement               Apirami Jeyachandran

Positive Community Involvement        Seble Berehanu, Wrun Yoganathan, Lisa Ansah

Equity                                                   Nico Fischer

Personal Strides & Achievement:      David Goncalves          Sofia Rosales-Dorrell

OShay Henry                        Gareth Poole                             Love-Marie Rene

      PSSP Leadership Awards

Steven Solomon               Sharmin Hasam             Heather Johnson                                 Victoria Orekhovsky         Cinamone Toth-Lavigne

Tips from Union Reps

Thursday, May, 3rd, 2012 by koadmin

As PSSP members we are notorious for taking care of everyone else and neglecting ourselves.  We’ve developed a few tips to help you be prepared for those blips in life that we all know can occur, but are shocked when it happens to us.

Before you head out of the country (yes, even for cross-border shopping), check your travel insurance coverage.  Our Manulife coverage is very limited but perhaps you are covered under a family plan with a spouse.  When you book a trip on your credit card you may be covered, but have you checked the amount of days it allows?  There are often limitations.  Have you considered buying a yearly plan to cover you and your family even for those one day trips to Buffalo?

It only takes a minute to check your pay stub twice a month.  Mistakes occur.  We have a clause in our Collective Agreement (CA) that protects you should the Employer overpay you, but it also works the other way.   So, if they underpay you funds can only be recovered during the past 12 months. So, a primer on the pay stubs:

  1.  Your level (step on the grid) is on the bottom left of the stub.
  2. Your salary is on the left near the hours worked.  Check it against the amount listed in our CA (under ‘Resources’ tab) to see if you are placed properly.  Every January check and see if you have gone up a level on the grid (if applicable).
  3. Your benefits are listed towards the bottom on the left. Every other pay you will see different listings.  Check it to see if you have the benefits you think you have, including enrollment in the Long Term Disability Plan (LTD) that is paid by the Employer, but you must opt in.
  4. If you are a centrally-assigned employee, you have a travel allowance.  It is listed just below your salary amount on the left near the hours.
  5.  Check your sick day allocation when you’re looking at your net pay.  If it seems incorrect please contact us to assist you, or HR to check it out.

 Check the CA when you feel your supervisor has given you a task that seems inappropriate, treated you like a different job class, or otherwise made you question your role/their role.   Then, call your union office.  We’re there to consult when you’re unsure as well as when you need us to act on your behalf.  Too frequently we hear from you when issues have been occurring for months and you’re feeling unable to cope.  You will not get in trouble with your supervisor for calling and consulting with us.  We can act and assist you directly, or just give you some advice on how you can handle the situation yourself.  Call 647-348-3351, please!

2012 Status of Women Awards

Tuesday, May, 1st, 2012 by koadmin

Congratulations to the 10 PSSP members who received Status of Women Awards this year during the D12 12th Annual Awards Dinner on May 10, 2012 at the Montecassino Banquet Centre.

Community Impact

  1. Anita Court, Oasis Alternative SS
  2. Danielle Farmer, East Attendance Programs
  3. Latoya Scholburgh, Caring & Safe Programs Hardington Centre


  1. Denyse Clarke, Etobicoke CI
  2. Meve Julien, Oasis Alternative SS
  3. Renee Phillips, Yorkdale SS
  4. Stacey Stevens, George Harvey CI
  5. Claudine Tyrell, Malvern CI


  1. Michelle Pagniello, Birch Cliff Public School
  2. Jacqueline Smith, Central Commerce CI